Item tracking with flushing

Hi all! It looks like when using Navision 3.6 in manufacturing, flushing is not working with item tracking. These are my steps: I want to produce an end item X. A and B are purchased items that have flushing method “Forward” and are LOT controlled. When I try to release the order , I have a message " Lot Number is required for item A or B". My understandings was that the flushing method “BACKWARD” will automatically use the First LOT NUMBER enter in the inventory for deduction. Any clue??? Thanks RF

Hi Rosine From memory the auto consumption in any manner of item tracking lines does not happen in Attain 3.60. I think if the flushing method is forward you get the error message because the system cannot auto consume, and if the method is backward you can complete production and receive no warning that consumption is remaining (a slightly different message). The following request is still in process on version 3.60 which seems to imply you cannot use backward flushing and definition of the serial numbers on the production order, although they define the serial numbers on the order, which defeats any real concept of auto-consumption! [:D]


Navision Attain DK-686-515-HGFV Not possible to use Item Tracking with Manufactoring and Backward Flushing- Problem Summary: When an Item is set up to have Backward Flushing and Serial No. Tracking on outbound Production, you cannot change status from Released to Finished on the Production Order- Steps to Reproduce Error: Create an item with SN-tracking on outbound production. Make sure all components on the BOM is using Backward Flushing. Create a new Released Production Order for the newly created item Enter Item tracking Lines for the item on the production order Change Status to Finished. You will now get an error that you must enter Serial Numbers for Item xxx Expected Result: The Production Order changed status from Released To

The standard literature seems to imply the manual consumption of items in the serial/lot environment, and not automatic, so maybe this is by design - I am unsure [:D]. I also have not checked this in 3.70. I would suggest you log the issue.

I want to try this for a client, but using warehouse Management, has anyone tried it that way? Eg. Create Production Order, set all components to Backward flushing. Use Warehouse management ot pick (some lines picked with serial numbers). then partially output production, this should then consume the components with the correct Serial numbers.[?]

Hi David! Steven was right. Flushing method is not working with item tracking ( Lot or Serial numbers). You need to do manual flushing. RF

Even manual flushing has the same problem. I had placed a query with my NTR on the service system. The query is pending since 1 month.& I am still waiting for a reply. Enclosing the same for your referance.See if it matches your case. Sub: Output posting with item tracking- Problem Summary: In version 3.60 I have observed that output posting is very unclear with multilevel BOM and various flushing methods included at different levels. I tried out a particular BOM with following characterisitcs. 1) MAin item 10: Backward flushing, Item tracking enabled 2) Child items 20,30,60,70: BAckward flushing. Item tracking disabled Item 30 is a subassembly: In it’s BOM- Items 40,50: 40- Manual Flushing, 50-Bakward flushing,Item tracking eneabled for both Now, 1) Planning work sheet calculaions are correct. 2) When I post output for item 30, I do it in following steps: 1) Item tracking numbers alloted in PO reciept for items 40 & 50. 2) Consumption journal posting for Item 40 3) When I try to finish the production order, It does not change it’s status, Neither Backflushes the components. Error message is: Item tracking entries not found for item 30 ( Though I hv also alloted item tracking numbers for item 30 before trying to change status to finished.) 4) I do not get item tracking entries in subsequent steps also i.e. a) For item 40, in Consumption journal I hv to again manualy assign the serial numbers looking in the item ledger entries. b) In production order components also, I do not get the serial numbers for item50 5) I tried posting the output through output journals, Here also, If I assign serial numbers to item 30, I do not get them again in the production order while changing the status finished. 6) the same problems are faced in the production order for the main item 10 also. Our client requires reservation, Even with reservation made mendatory, This becomes even more confusing.Reservation with item tracking is very difficult & everywhere I have to look back & search in the item ledger entries to assign the same serial numbers as those reserved. Regards, DD