Item Tracking Problem

Hello, Our client has a completely new document in their localization version of Navision in Inventory module and I have to add Item Tracking function to this new document. I added new menu button which named Item Tracking Lines and this works properly. but when I try to post it fails although lot no was determined. If anybody knows Item Tracking function well please share with me. Best wishes Sema

Item tracking lines are supplimented with reservation entries Table 337. This is where codunit 22 looks to establish if an item has tracking lines (Lot no.s) Look at Create Reservation entry Codeunit for examples

Hello , Thank you for your quick answer. My problem occurs during the posting. I got the error message “Item tracking is missing”. I could create reservation entries. but the problem is during the posting routine it can not find the tracking specification. I created the Item Tracking lines form. I could select the lot no by this form. when i close the form i could see the related records in tha table 337. But during posting process it can not find the tracking information. Codeunit 22 is being used by the posting routine. If you have any more idea please share with me.

what i will say is that it is not the most straight forward area of navision!!! What version are you working on? I have just made a small modification like yours and created Tracking specification entries and reservation entries and so far so good. This i realise is not much help for your situation.

Hello, Again thank you. I have no problem with creating reservation entries. After I close the Item Tracking Lines form which was I created I can see the related records in tha table 337. The problem occurs during posting process. I hope you remember that tihs document is new (not in the standart version) and I am traying to add Item tracking facility. It uses the Item Jnl.-Post Line codeunit while posting. But I get the error message ‘Item Tracking is missing’. And I am using 3.70 version with the romanian localization. (Our client is from Romanian). I hope this details can give you an idea. If you help me i will be very happy. Sema Best regards

Sema When you create Item Jnl Line and when you post, you need to transfer the Item tracking/Reservation Entries to Item Jnl Line from your new Document.