Item Tracking lines


I hav added a new field to table 336 tracking specification. When I open the form 6510 from form 50 purchase order. I can enter data into the new fiels but it does not save it. It seems that it is a temp table. I went through the code, but I cannot find where it is stored.

Does anyone know How I would be able to save it?



Hi Edson,

The PO Form (50) calls the subform, which in turn calls a function on the puchase line called “OpenItemTrackingLines”

OpenItemTrackingLines then calls the Codeunit “Purch. Line-Reserve” (99000834) and the function “CallItemTracking”.

If you follow the code from there you will see that it calls the function InitTrackingSpecification in the “Purch. Line-Reserve” Codeunit.

Here it is setting data.

This is from 5.0

Hopefully that helps you out.