Item tracking copy

Hi everyone,

I need your help. A while ago one of my staff posted a sales order with an item that have 2000 random item tracking line.

Right now he wants to create a credit memo to pull all that. But the problem is he doesn’t have time to input those item tracking lines one by one.

Is there any faster method to copy item tracking lines from posted shipment/invoice to his credit memo ?

Did you try to use Copy Document Function in Credit Memo?

Yes. i tried it. i choose posted invoice and fill it with invoice number which i want to copy item tracking from.

Only sales order header and line copied exactly the same from posted invoice but item tracking lines doesn’t appear and must be insert manually.

I tested it in NAV2013 NL Demo Database and it is copying Item tracking Lines also from Posted Sales invoice.

Let me check again

Just a thought - when copying document check if the Recalculate Lines check-box is empty.

Actually, i’m using NAV4.0 SP3 and It doesn’t copy tracking line when we use copy document function. Have you already checked it ?

Yes, In NAV2013 it is copying.

Didnt check in 4.SP3

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