Item Tracking and Partial Deliveries

Is it possible to partially ship items with lot control activated, Version is 3.01.B ? Sales Order Line Quantity of 10 Tonnes Quantity to Ship is 5 Tonnes Item Tracking Line created with 5 Tonnes in Qty To Ship/Receive field Post Ship Sales Order Line quantity is changed to 5 Tonnes Quantity to Ship is blank Attempt to post ship remaining 5 Tonne results in message “There is nothing to post”. Any ideas?

Hi Damian Your quantity to ship must be 5 if you are shipping 5 [:D]. If they ordered 10 and you shipped 5 you will have 5 remaining. By altering the sales order line quanitty to 5 you are saying hte order is closed - as you have an order for 5 and as you have previously shipped 5 it is complete. Leave the quanitty ordered as 10, you have already shipped 5, set the quantity to ship to 5, define the lot number, and ship it.

Sorry, what I meant was that Navision set the order quantity to 5 Tonne after the post ship completed. The order line could not be changed from that point onward. The Item Tracking Line Quantity and Qty to Receive… are also set to 5.

Hi Damian The ordered quantity will, as standard, always remain as 10. The Quantity to Ship will be 5 after you have told the system you have shipped 5 as that is all that is remaining, although you can partially ship this again. If you Quantity Ordered is reverting to 5 it sounds very strange - any modifications in this area?

we do a lot a part shippings. although we do use warehousing (rather than directly from order) i have done part shipments from the order and these work the same as from the warehousing. basically as steven has said, the original order quantity stays the same, and the qty to ship and invoice etc reflect the part shipments. the ITL also show these movements. the only problems which we have had are where there are multiple shipments, and each shipment has the same lot number (this gives an error during invoicing) overall though, the function does work.

Thanks for the replies. I think the problem is a conflict with some customisation.