Item setup and Req. Worksheet

I am having trouble with the Requisition Worksheet picking up a particular item when I know for a fact that the item is below it’s Reorder Point. Qty. available at this particular warehouse is 7. I’ve tried to use different dates on the Calculate Plan function but can’t get to tell me to order more. What am I missing? Why isn’t it picking it up? Anyone, anything? Item setup as follows. Replenishment System: Purchase Vendor: Acme Vendor Item No. XXX Purch UOM: Each Lead Time: 5D Reordering Policy: Max. Qty Reorder Cycle: 0 Safety Lead Time: 0 Safety Stock Qty: 24 Reorder Point: 24 Reorder Qty: 0 Max. Inve. 96 Min. Order Qty: 12 Max Order Qty: 96 Order Multiple: 0 Thanks.

Hi Sandy Has the item ever been above the reorder level? You refer to warehouses - what is the combined stock of all locations in Navision? What is the “Components at Location” flag set to in Manufacturing setup? Are you using SKU’s? What version are you on?

Also, there are any gross requirement for that item? Elena

Gross Req. - No, not at the time the Item Req was run. Above the reorder level? - I’m not sure. How can I tell? The combined stock is still way below to reorder point. All the other warehouses are Transfer only. Our Headoffice purchases all the products into it, and then transfers out to each other warehouse. We don’t have manufacturing…so we can’t change any of those settings. SKU’s? As in stockkeeping units? Yes. Version 3.70. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Sandy, I was able to reproduce your problem by setting up the planning parameters on the Item card and no Planning parameters on the SKUs, I mean: Reorder point, Safety stock, Maximum inventory and order modificator set to 0 on the SKUs. I’m not sure this is your situation. In this case, the plan didn’t suggest me any order (neither purchase nor transfer). If you set up the parameter on the SKU of your purchase location, the plan suggest you a purchase order on that locatio. If you also setup the other SKUs, then you will receive also suggestion about transfer order. hope this helps, Elena

Hi Sandy Even without access to the Manufacturing modules the components at location option can be set - As you are on 3.70 the dynamic menu can be altered to give you access (its in the GL, company set-up I believe. I believe that this needs to be set to define your head office location, although it may not with SKU’s activated - I can never remember [:D] Basically it is the main planning location, and if it is not set it can cause anomalies depending upon teh version. To find the reorder level you can only do this manually, through the item ledger entires, but as Elena sems to have given you your answer - assuming the SKU options are not set, then lets not worry about it!

The SKU’s for this item are set up as Transfer with Reorder points etc. The only SKU’s I have set up are for our other warehouses. I don’t have SKU set up for our main warehouse. This is what we use the item card for. I"m looking for Company Setup in the G/L but I can’t find it. I’ll keep hunting. Any other ideas?

mhmh I removed SKU for the main warehouse, the result was correct, but in my test the other warehouse have no stock, therefore plan suggested the Tranfer Orders, those order create gross requirement on Main warehouse, therefore I had also the suggestion for the purchase order. After I added some stock to my ‘other warehouse’, result is no suggestion at all. I guess you are not under the reorder point in your transfer warehouse. The warkaround I found is creating the SKU for main warehouse too. … but I would like to take a look in the code … Elena

Hi Sandy Can you design the form? The field is called “dynamic menus” I think [:D] It is either in the company infoemation or GL setup - I cannot remember and do not have Navision in front of me. If you untick it the menus will alter and you will be able to access the manufacturing setup and set the components at location to be your main warehouse - I am sure this has an affect in this area. I am not in front of Navision until Wednesday but will pick up this thread again and set it up as Elena has with the information you have given.

Hi Sandy I have been searching for this reference for a while:


if the on hand quantity has never been above the reorder level - no replenishment order will be gerneated - this is by design! (HQ-748-562-WTHB)

Can you check this? I am unsure if it is still relevant in 3.70, but it probably is. As a check, set your reorder point to one below your highest inventory level and run the requisition worksheet and see if anything changes!

We are experiencing the same problem. Cronus database works fine. Our own database doesn’t. I checked on the stocking level being above reorder at some point, and it was. That didn’t fix it though. I also set our main warehouse, that didn’t fix it either. Sandy, we’re in this together.

Ok. So I’ve hacked my way into the Manufacturing setup and flagged the Components at Location feild. Ran the Item Req., and it didn’t make a difference. [:(] Set my reorder point to below my highest inventory value. Ran the Item Req. again, and it didn’t make a difference. [:(] Created a Stockkeeping unit for our main warehouse and spec’d the Purchase details. Ran the Item Req., and BLAM! it worked. [:D] This is all well and good for creating a work around, but doesn’t solve the bigger issue. Of the 5000 Inventory Items I don’t know what one’s are being missed on the Item Req. until its too late. Thanks for all the help. Any other suggestions?

Hi Sandy, I took a look at codeunit 99000854, as Steven wrote the components at location field in Manufacturing Setup has impact on the result. But also after setting those location you should run the plan filtering by the Main location to have the expected purchase suggestion. Assuming you don’t use Variant and you can setup your main warehouse as Location code in your Company Information table, you could modify the function DemandToInvProfile in codeunit 99000854, I added some line between // EB 04.11.16 Start and // EB 04.11.16 End, it is also needed to add the rec variable CompanyInformation SKU.SETCURRENTKEY("Item No.","Location Code","Variant Code"); SKU.SETRANGE("Item No.",Item."No."); Item.COPYFILTER("Variant Filter",SKU."Variant Code"); Item.COPYFILTER("Location Filter",SKU."Location Code"); IF SKU.FIND('-') THEN BEGIN REPEAT GetPlanningParameters.AdjustInvalidSettings(SKU); CheckCreateItemDemand(InventoryProfile,SKU,OrderDate); UNTIL SKU.NEXT = 0; END ELSE IF (ManufacturingSetup."Components at Location" <> '') OR NOT InvtSetup."Location Mandatory" THEN BEGIN TempSKU.INIT; TempSKU."Item No." := Item."No."; TransferPlanningParameters(TempSKU); TempSKU."Location Code" := ManufacturingSetup."Components at Location"; CheckCreateItemDemand(InventoryProfile,TempSKU,OrderDate); END; // EB 04.11.16 start CompanyInformation.GET; IF CompanyInformation."Location Code" <> '' THEN IF NOT SKU.GET(CompanyInformation."Location Code",Item."No.",'') THEN BEGIN TempSKU.INIT; TempSKU."Item No." := Item."No."; TransferPlanningParameters(TempSKU); TempSKU."Location Code" := CompanyInformation."Location Code"; CheckCreateItemDemand(InventoryProfile,TempSKU,OrderDate); END; // EB 04.11.16 end I just did a small test … I cannot assure you it works in your cases. [:)] Also, is not the best way to do it, CompanyInformation.GET should be moved in InitVariables function in order to perform the GET only once. Elena