Item selling

Hi guys! This is the situation: I have a customer who sell 1000 pcs of Item A to a customer but those items are still in their inventory even if the sell them. Later, When billing, the customer need to know that those items are already paid even if it still in their warehouse. So how can he handle the situation: 1. How it it possible to sell items but not sending them to the customer??? 2. How it it possible to know when billing the customer that items are alredy paid??? Thanks RF

Hi Rosine This will depend a bit on the situation, but. . . . . I presume they never Ship the items until the payment is received - therefore your second question becomes irrelevant - if you are invoicing the items you have shipped they have therefore for them - you would have to control this through a business process, for instance put the order on as a quote - only convert the quotation to an order once payment is received. Then you can ship the goods - financially they will remain on inventory from the shipped not invoiced reconciliation, although they will be reduced from physical inventory. Then you invoice them at the point you need to invoice them. There are a few other procedural possibilities depending upon requirements, and of course you could modify it!

I can think of a way.Try & tell me if it works. Reserve inventory through a lot number in the sales order.Invoice it. That reserved lot can not be delivered by any body.(OF course they hv to introduce item tracking for that.) Payments etc. can be tracked back. Regards, DD