Item Sales History Report

I am relativaley new to Navision 3.70 and i have been asked to write a report that lists the last 3 months quantity sold by item (this is specified by the user) ie this would list June, July & August 2006 and for each period would total the quantitysold. Which table should i use and what if any C/SIDE code should i use within the report?

This is not a task for someone new to Navision. You will need to apply filters to the Value Entry table and then use calcsums on ‘Invoiced Quantity’. “Item No.” variable from your user. “Item Ledger Entry Type” constant ‘Sale’ “Entry Type” constant ‘Direct Cost’ “Posting Date” will be filtered 3 times starting with the first month asked for by your user. Check form 151 and PeriodFormManagement for sophisticated date filtering. Use the key Item No.,Item Ledger Entry Type,Entry Type,Item Charge No.,Location Code,Variant Code,Expected Cost,Posting Date Good luck!

Just build a report on the item table Define 3 variables and create a loop that calculate the Sales (Qty.)flowfield with a different value in the date filter. The datefilter can be changed using CALCDATE. N.B. remember the ‘<>’ brackets when using dateformulas to make then language independent. This is also used in several other navision reports, so have a look at some of them and learn. Regards, Mark

Just to add my bit here. What David suggests is the correct way to write this report (though I think you could easier use the Item Ledger Entry table). What Marq suggests is the easiest way to write the report. Maffy, from your point of view the issue will come down to how many items you have and how fast you want the report to run. Also you network speed will be an issue here. In the case of basing the report on Item card, the advantage is the simplicity of the design, but the issue is that you must scan every item in the database, even if you only want to print one item. In simple terms, for now do it the easy way, and if it is too slow, then plan to redo it the ledger way.

do any of you have Link to download this original Report?