Item Sales by Salesperson?

I might be missing the obvious, but I am wishing to look at a report that can show the sales of any product by a specific salesperson over a period of time.

The report - Inventory Sales Statistics seems to be the report I need, but I cannot find the option to include a Salesperson code filter



Have a look on following reports also:

ID Name
10052 I tem Status by Salesperson
10059 Salesperson Commissions
10060 Salesperson Statistics by Inv.

Objects in the range from 10000 to 49999 are country version specific. And I think the above mentioned reports are only available in the North American version.

Raj it does not appear that the Item Status by Salesperosn report or Salesperson Statistics by Inventory are available in my Navision! Should they be in a "standard MS Dynamics 2009?

However, the report "inventory Sales Statistics would give me all I need IF ONLY I can add the Salesperson filter? So the question might be - how does one add a filter that does not appear as an option to an existing report?




Do you mean Item Sales Statistics? I cant find Inventory Sales Statistics.

Hi Chuck - it’s called Inventory sales statistics on our Nav, but I think they’e one and the same?

When the US version of Navision came out, a lot of the reports in the UK and W1 version did not suit the US market, so instead of modifying existing reports, they added new report for the US version. Then in a later version of Navision object names had to be unique, so they removed the w1 reports from the US version (they should have just renamed them). Soon the Uk market saw the US reports and wanted the same fetures, so slowly the Uk reports copied fro the US and next version US enhanced based on the UK.

Now the reports are very similar (not the same) but have different numbers.

It would be great if the PG could look at all country local reports and see which ones are redundant and create a core set of W1 reports to avoid this confusion all the time.