Item Retail Prices-Navision attain 3.7

any idea on how to create a retail price on the item card and when creating a sales order or purchase order we should be able to base the price off the retail price. we want to be able to enter a price on the order and navision should colculate and fill on the discount off the retail, we should also be able to enter the discount percent off the retail price and it should update the price automatically. the retail price will need to show in almost all reports, and the dicount % also. everything in this business buying and selling is referred to the retail price. when a customer calls he wants to know how much of retail price we can sell it to him. it should not affect the customer prices. we still want to be able to enter prices from the customer card which should auto populate in to the Price not into the retail price. the retail price should always be populated from the item card. when a price on a sales order is populated off the customer prices, it should also automatically fill in the discount. we should also be able to enter the customer pricing by just entering %off retail and it should fill in the price. can anyone help us? thanks in advance.

there is the item discount facility, whereby you can allocate a discount rate to a price group and customer. Ive only every played with it briefly, but basically you create a matrix for the price groups and discount groups. Thereare setup guides in the help IIRC.