Item Reorder policy feature ???

Please Help me to get the solution…[:(]

I have created an FG and RM Items with Reorder Policy as Order and I have created a sales order for FG …now im running the planing worksheet.

when i do the carryout action msg it throws an error that Reservation Qty (base) must be zero

What is the exact message.

it looks liekyou have an order out there that the plannign system is trying to change, but the items are reserved.

Try to identify which line is causing the error, and then investigate each of the Order lines to see if something is reserved.

I think my below description will give a clear picture of the Problem to u… Please reply asap.

I have created an item with 3 levels of bom! and all mfg items( FG & SFG) with reordering policy= order! & After running the planning work sheet---- regenerative plan—carruy out action msg ---- it is throwing an error " Reservation QTY base must be zero" . But these r newly created items with inventory zero!

Also, The Carry out action msg is working properly only for the FG( MPS order), with reordering policy = order

So are you sure that there are no reservations anywhere that are causing this? Also have there been any modifications made?

First I run the Calc Regenerative Plan for MPS… then again I run the Calc Regenerative Plan for MRP… (while first time itself it is creating a reservation entry for the components too.)… and for the MPS the carrry out action msg is working fine… but for the MRP im getting this error. can tell me where im worng…


I am afraid for this sort of issue you are going to have to give an awful lot more information:

What version are you on?
Are the BOM’s Production BOM’s?
If PBOM’s any phantoms?
How is the item actually structured?
Can I presume there are 3 production orders and one purchase order and this is not a flat BOM?
Are you using SKU’S?
Are you using Item Tracking?
Are you using Order Tracking?
What is the replenishment system for each item?
What is the manufacturing policy of each item?
What is the reordering policy of each item?
Are there any entries in the reservation entry table prior to running this?
Are there any other open orders for any of the items?
What is your components at location setting?
When you create the MPS orders - what type are they?

That maybe a good start to giving us a clear picture to helping you.

Hi Shankar.

Just ensure the manufacturing policy for the mentioned FG and RM(as the case may be) are make to order. And replenishment policy for the three level BOM’s are “production” and the end items are “purchase”.

I have tried and it worked. Since demand is sales order, order is any how tracked.

Reserve policy i have used “optional”.