Item Reference No not showing on PO

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When issuing PO’s we usually use the item reference no to show the vendors PO on any outgoing PO’s to suppliers, rather than our own internal SKU’s/Product Numbers.

This was working fine, however of late I cannot seem to get the item Reference No to show up on the vendor PO (although the associate description does)

I’ve personalized the PO page, and hidden the filed ‘item No’ which contains our own internal SKU, and added the field ‘Item Reference No’ but when I preview to PO it still defaults to showing the field ‘Item No’ rather than the ‘Item Reference No’

I’ve looked here - Enable or disable Item References from Inventory Setup - Dynamics 365 Release Plan | Microsoft Docs
But this page does not show the button ‘Use Item References’ for some reason it is missing from that page and is not an option.

Can anyone kindly advise where we might be going wrong here?

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We generally suggest the Item Reference as a place to store your Customer’s Item No. of your Item. Then when they place an order using their number, BC will find the related Item in your system and add it to the Sales Line. It can also be used to store barcode information to identify Items based on barcodes beyond the GTIN field on the Item.

To have the system display the Vendor’s Item No on your printed/PDF Purchase Order, I suggest using the Item Vendor Catalog (Items > Related > Purchases > Vendors).

This table allows you to store the Vendor’s Item, as well as track specific lead times for that Item from that Vendor. This is especially useful when using either the Planning or Req. Worksheet as the Vendor No. field will look-up to the Item Vendor Catalog to see the Vendors available for the specific Item being planned.

Please let me know if adding the information to this table resolves your question.

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Ben Baxter
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Thanks Ben, I will look into that as that definitely seems to be the better way to do it!

Thanks for the suggestion! much appreciated

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Hi Ben,

I have followed your advice, however I am still encountering issues.

I am trying to get the Vendor’s Item No to display on the purchase order before printing to PDF however ‘Vendor Item No’ does not show in the list of fields to add to the page when attempting to customize the display column on the PO nor does the Cross Reference Number” column appear

Am I approaching this correctly? or is it done via a different method?

Thanks for the help!

The Vendor Item No. does not appear on the Purchase Order Lines prior to printing. Since that information is more relevant to your Vendor, it could cause internal confusion for your Users with your Item No. The printed PDF should show the Vendor Item No., because that document will be sent to the Vendor where the number will be more applicable.

If you wanted to see the Vendor Item No. on the Lines you could add it with an Extension. I would recommend making this non-editable so Users do not attempt to change this information.

Your partner should be able to help you out with this change.

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Ben Baxter
Accent Software Inc.

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Thanks Ben,

The Strange thing is that the printed PDF used to show the Vendor Item No but now does not no matter what I try. it shows in the lines but when printed that collumn does not show and I have tried everything I can to get it to show (like it used to)

I will take your advice on taking this up further with the partner.

Thanks for the assistance.

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It sounds like you have made the necessary changes to the PO page, but the Item Reference No field is still not showing up on the vendor PO. One thing to check is if the field is actually enabled in the system. To do this, go to the Item Card and make sure that the “Use Item References” field is set to “Yes” for the relevant items.

If the field is already set to “Yes,” another thing to check is if the layout of the vendor PO report has been modified. It’s possible that the report is still referencing the “Item No” field instead of the “Item Reference No” field. You may need to modify the report layout to include the correct field.

If neither of these solutions work, it may be worth reaching out to Microsoft support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional guidance or investigate if there is an issue with the system.