Item Reclass Journal vs. Transfer Order

I understand that a transfer order is to be utilized for product transfer between locations. What is the purpose of an item reclass journal…when would this be utilized? I was unsuccessful in determining this from the canned help topics in version 3.6. Thanks

Hi Brian The reclassification journal does what it says on the tin [:D] (and some extras). As an example, if you have an item with a set of dimensions, you can reclassify the item to have a new set of dimensions. You can bring forward a whole host of reclassification topics - move it from one project to another, one department to another, new serial numbers or new lot numbers. However the advice is to use this VERY VERY carefully. If you want to reclassify an item serial number for example as it was booked in incorrectly, you have to be careful as I think by default it will reclassify EVERY option, so if you have an old serial number of 12345 and set the new one to 54321 but the item had an existing Project code of “PRJ1”, the reclassification journal will default the new Project Code as " ", so if you do not alter it, you will reclassify the item with the correct serial number but the incorrect project code. You would need to reset the Project Code as “PRJ1”. Whilst Location is available in this journal I would never actively recommend using it here - if you are MOVING stock use the transfer journal, however if the details are wrong, use the reclassification journal, just use it VERY VERY carefully, and only if you really have to! I hope this helps.

Thanks, Steven. That makes things much clearer for me as I document internal processes within Navision.

Hi SBWEAVER could please elaborate as to why are you so against using the item reclassification journal for changing location. I understand that transfer order is the proper way, but so far not aware of exact risks of using item reclassification for changing loaction. Infact an adavantage is that the process becomes simple. Thanks Rajiv

Hi Rajiv As explained above [:D] With the reclassification journal it reclassifies EVERYTHING. So I have an item with a location = ABC, Dimension 1 = PKG, Serial Number = 8832098, If I need to move this item in the reclassification journal I have to respecify ALL of this, otherwise the serial number and Dimension 1 will become blank. MBS over here actively recommend the removal of the menu as so many users early adoption processed the journal without being aware of the consequences and reclassified hundreds of items incorrectly and then wondered what had happened. The transfer journal is easy - you move stock, so if you want to move stock and do nothing else, use the transfer journal - its fit for purpose.

Thanks Steven, We are using reclassification journal (only one dimension is attached to item master) and this we populate in the New shortcut dimension field as well. Trade off is one line entry, single posting and no GL entries.

Hi Rajiv It is not a problem using it correctly - the same as anything, I would just not recommend using it to move locations when the transfer journal is perfectly acceptable and contains none of the potential pitfalls. Horses for courses!

Steven, By transfer journal are you talking transfer order. Abhay

Hi Abhay Yes - apologies for gargon cross overs![:D]

My suggestion, is to recreate the Transfer Journal (not order) as per 2.60. Just go to the form, and add the option back, this works fone, and I have not had any dimension problems.

How do you go about recreating the Transfer Journal, I could not find this Journal form. Is it supposed to be in the object list? What I am after is to effect location transfer without having to pass through the whole Ship - pick - Receipts - Putaway. Thanks

Any ideas please?

Hi Adrian It is a transfer order. The creation of picks and putaways are driven by the flags on the location card. If you are looking to develop bypassing these you are breaking your own requirements, but I am sure it is perfectly possible. You may want to post this in the developer forum if you are seeking specific developemnt assistance.