Item price update approval workflow

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Currently we have one item (creation) approval workflow in AX 2009. Is it possible to develope a workflow for item update approval? I want to activate a workflow when someone update the price and it will go ‘on hold’ until approve it.

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You would need to modify it and create your own workflow to achieve this.

Thanks Adam for youe reply. I am just looking the area (methods/class/properties) which I can specify the action, update. Current workflow is triggering while we create a new record and I am not getting the area to specify the update action on table(query).


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Any pioneer can share what is the use of the above functionality and is it available in AX 2012 ?

Ishak I cannot help I am afraid, I see now this is in the developers forum and I apologise. Can I suggest you ask the question again with the specific question of which classes etc you need to modify to achieve this.

Lally it is a modification they have undertaken.

From the form we can overrid the method canSubmitToWorkflow to activate workflow and here we can specify the condition also, see the below example;

public boolean canSubmitToWorkflow()
if( InventTable.inventItemPurchSetup().stopped() &&
InventTable.inventItemSalesSetup().stopped() &&
InventTable.ItemApprovalState == ItemApprovalState::NotSubmitted)
return true;
return false;

Now my query is related to implement different workflow template on same form. If I have 2 template, one for item (creation) approval and second one is item price (update) approval then how can I call different template?

I hope someone can help me.


Hi Steven ,

Do you mean standard AX 09 or 12 does not have the item creation approval workflow functionality. ?

Am i right ?


Look here for standard AX2012 workflows: