Item Number with Vendor # as Prefix and Default Numbering: BC

I am mostly new to BC but am working with a client who has the following question. They code vendors using a 4-digit number. They would like to use this number on an item card as follows vendor # (eg, 1000)-default numbering series, Is this something that can be done in BC?

Hi, enshepard - can You give some examples of how the item numbers would/should look like ?

Certainly. Client is retail furniture that does resale. Each vendor is assigned a 4-digit code( e.g., 1204, 1004, 1461, etc.), An item number might look like: 1204-#######; the “#######” segment would be generated automatically by BC for each vendor. Automatic generation of the 2nd segment is needed b/c staff will be creating item card data.

We were testing using the vendor model number for the second segment for item numbering purposes. However, it turns out that most of the vendors, they use the same model number with differential occurring in the finish, cover, etc. choices made by the customer to personalize the item. Whetger the customer wants to customize the item rather than order the exact same item on showroom floor, it’s a special order b/c client does not stock inventory in 95% of cases.

I’m open to other solutions.

Hi, I was wondering if you had had any other thoughts about how to make this scenario work. I am dealing with 250 vendors, if that helps.


A long time ago a customer asked me for this type of request. After reviewing the requirement and making sure they understood that they would have an Item list, by Vendor, by Item, meaning like items would be duplicated (if possible), I had to request this from my DEV group. We created a new function to insert an Item No. based on an Option pop-up for Vendor No. and then the Item was inserted with the Vendor No.-(Item No. Series).

Hope this helps.