Item not completely invoiced

I am confused by this Completely Invoiced on Item Ledger Entry table. Item 03-102 has components of K1525 and K2482. 03-102’Output on Item ledger entries table is marked as Completely Invoiced = No. So do its two components’ consumptions. Although all of the purchases for the consumption are marked as Completely Invoiced = YES In summary, two components of Item 3-102 have all of Purchase marked as Completely Invoiced but Consumption marked as NOT Completely Invoiced. And the output for Item 3-102 is marked as NOT Completely Invoiced. Any ideas? Thanks for advance. Trin

Hi If all purchases of the component are marked as completely invoiced then clearly an invoice has been matched and posted. This means that in probability if you run the adjust cost item entries routine teh consumption components of the build will be updated as completely invoiced. I seem to remember one exception to this does apply, if you consumed the goods when you had none in stock and then received some components in the system “knows” you could not have used these components as they came in after you used them, so even though they are invoiced it does not apply to the consumption, so the system waits for a transaction dated before the consumption before applying the transactions and marking the components as fully invoiced, so as well as checking the adjust cost item entries routine have a look at the posting dates of the consumption and receipt transactions as well.