Item minimum and maximum stock setup

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I want to set the item mininum and maximum stock and whenever the stock goes to minimum stock the system will give the alert that this item is reaches minimum stock. Can u explain me the whole setup. Please advise me

Is there any possibility that the system automatically create the PO against those item.


Yes that is Master Planning.

Create a Min/Max coverage group. Go to the item, Setup Button and Item coverage. Apply it here (depends on dimension group setting) define a max and min. Reduce the stock less than the minimum. Run Master Planning, you will get a suggested PO to replenish (assuming it is purchased)

currently i want to define the Min/Max stock level and generate the alert when the inventory goes or cross the min stock level. From where i can set this.

Later on i will do that master planning, actually i have to gothrough the manual for that.


I do not believe you can set an alert on this sort of functionality. There is a critical stock report, but you need to run it.

where i can set this min/max stock, i think from item master/setup/set default order/inventory. Right…

Nope. Item, setup, item coverage. The ones you are referencing are item modifiers and not triggers.


Can you explain me how can i set up this coverage group, or if u have any document or link which explain the stepwise procedure for configuring and concept please tell me.


I think as i want only to set the Min/Max of the inventory, i have to set it up from the item coverage and only i have to define the Min/Max number. And generate the critical on hand daily basis.

Only this is the setup. Please advise if something more is there.

Test it and see.

Hi Imran ,

See this I think help full



That is all about alerts - how does that help in this instance?

write like this on On Hand Inventory form run methods — run method

while select sum(AvailPhysical) from inventSum group by ItemId
if(inventSum.AvailPhysical <= 100)
info(strFmt("%1 Min stock %2",inventSum.ItemId,inventSum.AvailPhysical));
if(inventSum.AvailPhysical >= 50000)
info(strFmt("%1 Max stock %2",inventSum.ItemId,inventSum.AvailPhysical));

Dear adam,

After defining the min/Max only then i can generate the “Critical On Hand report” and it is comparing the “on hand” value with the Min Value define, if it is less than Minimum defined only then it will appear in the report. It is working fine.

Dear Sekharg

This is for the alert only, and i think for this as once the inventory level reaches the minimum we can not generate the alerts. If we can do can you explain how??


Hi all,

I have similar kind of scenaro…

Like when the stock reaches its min level…the AX 2012 system can automatically create a PO to increase the stock…

How can i achive this …can u please help me on this …

Thanks in advance…

You have to use master planning to get automatically created purchase orders to increase the stock.

Set the minimum level in the item coverage from (on the Plan tab of the released products form.) The item also needs to belong to any group other than “Manual” - requirement and period coverage groups will also generate planned orders from a minimum level.

Finally, master scheduling needs to be run in order for the coverage calculations to be performed. Once master planning is processed, it’ll spit out a bunch of planned orders. These planned orders can then be firmed into actual purchase orders.