Item Ledger Entry XXXX Already Exists Error

We are running Navision 2.6F database and clients in a manufacturing environment and recently had some modifications made to two consumption posting programs by our Solution Center. After these modifications went into production we started to receive “already exists errors” in the posting of item ledger entries. The error messages are “Item Application Entry Entry No. 1234567 Already Exists” and “Item Ledger Entry Entry No. 1234567 Already Exist”. Our Solution Center is working on the problem but we wanted to know if anyone had information about how best to research and solve this issue. The basic concept or assumption is that one Navision client is getting the sequence number for the Item Ledger Entry No. (Key) and this Key is not getting updated before another client is getting the same number. Is there something special that has to be set in the form or some variable that has to be set so the act of acquiring the sequence number for the Key will bump the sequence immediately preventing the next client from getting the same sequence number and thus giving the “already exists error”? We have been working with our Solution Center for 2 days now and any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a programming error of some sort… I’d be scared of my solution center if, after 2 days, the problem still exists. Let alone it happened in the first place.

James, let me guess… That error comes when posting something like a receipt or a shipment where your NSC has introduced more posting code. The error is not coming from having more than one client posting at the same time, but that kind of problem is coming from the posting related to the own client: The posting routine is called and posts something related to the item creating item ledger entries, having another different posting also after that in a “in between” process that should post something “theorically” after the first posting, but the way the code is set the posting on the first one has not been committed yet, neither the variables are the same, so the program does not find the entries when assigning the number to the new entries, that get posted. Then, the old entries that were supposed to post before try getting inserted with the same number… and here we’ve the error. I was having something like that once when trying to post comsumption of an item while doing a shipment on a system without manufacturing, I don’t remember right now if I was having to use the same variable for the posting codeunit that was taking the item ledger entries than the one on the standard code or the opposite (using a different one), as it was long time ago… but that’s a start for checking :wink:

Alfonso, You are pretty much right about the situation. What we have is 2 different custom designed user input screens (can accept scanned barcodes or hand entries), after the users click “ok” to accept the input data, code processes consumption of BOM items (Production Order Ledger Entries and Item Ledger Entries) based on the data the user has entered. When the “ok” is clicked is where we are getting the error. So, I think I follow what you are suggesting and I will forward the information to our Solution Center to see if that helps. Thanks