Item Ledger entry is Taking too much time to open in SQL database


one of our client currently using Navision 3.7 database IN Version with Hot Fix 11. The current database utilization is around 65 GB. Native database is the backend.

We have upgraded the same to Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 SQL server 2008 R2 database.

If we run tables like ILE the systems are getting hanged.

We tried different alternatives by Code optimizations, Size increments of database and cache memory etc.

Currently users are unable to perform most of the transactions because of the performance.

My scenario of testing is:

By disable the flow fields we have reduced the response time, table was opened very quickly.

By enabling of Flow field one by one we found the Time increases to open the Table.

any suggession to improve the performance?


Hi there,

unfortunately degraded performance of NAV with SQL could have any reasons … I strongly recommend to search the forum about “SQL Performance” and you’ll find plenty of advices and recommendations.

Further, this might help you with troubleshooting: