Item Ledger Entry - Completely Invoiced

Re. Production Order postings.

When is this field updated?

Why is it updated?

Can you help and provide a guide to the control of GL updates ?

Many thanks.


With component usage this is simply that the purchase invoice has been processed.

With parent usage it is that all the constituent parts have been invoiced, and I believe that the production order is flagged as finished - implying all output is also recorded.

It is updated to allow the capturing of the actual cost when it is finally known, which can be after the entry has been made regarding production. I believe it is updated after the update and the adjust cost item entry routine is run.

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So it controls the transfer of costs into the GL?

Is the process the same for automatic cost posting and batch cost posting?


It not so much controls the costs to the G/L it monitors and updates them appropriately.

With automatic cost posting the costs are posted at the time of the transaction, but with batch cost posting they are posted with the batch cost posting, however this does not really affect the updating of the costs as these are updated after they are known and the process is run, unless they are known at the time of process and then the cost is flagged as completely invoiced when processed rather than when the batch job is run.

I have attached the Navision costing white paper on how navision handles inventory costing. Hopefully this will help you see how each setting and type of transaction relates to the posting to the G/L.

Oops, the forum doesnt allow me to attach a file. I will try to put it in the down load area, if that doesnt work and you want to see the document, give me contact information and I can send it.

The white paper should be in the Navision white paper download section now.

Thank you, I have just downloaded the document.

We will read, learn and digest this week.

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So, in a complex manufacturing environment with many multi-level BOMS and sub-contracted work there must be a significant delay (posting purchase invoices and labour time-sheets) in posting the final/total cost of the parent part to Inventory?

Would Expected Cost Posting help to reduce this impact?

“Would Expected Cost Posting help to reduce this impact?”

Simply put “Yes”.

I appreciate that the question and implications are not easily expressed - thank you for your implicit understanding and brevity.

Hi Jonathan

I did not mean to sound rude with my brevity and I apologise if I did, if you need anything further just post away, it just seemed like a simple yes answer!