Item Ledger Entry and Warehouse Entry out of synch (Non-WMS)

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem I’m hoping someone can help me with. Here are the details:

  • NAV 2009 SP1 (6.0), Build 30609
  • Use locations (locations mandatory)
  • Use bins (always have default bin)
  • ILE: Item ABC Quantity = 0
  • WE: Item ABC Quantity = 5
  • If i do a positive adjustment for 5, the ILE = 5, the WE = 10, so on and so forth

Now, i’ve seen this before in previous versions when using WMS and there is a documented fix (article ID 942457, "how to correct imbalances between warehouse entries and item ledger entries in Microsoft Dynamics NAV) but i cannot find a solution for non-WMS. I’m thinking I may need a developer to code a fix but my first choice find a solution within the program… and before you ask i have no idea how this happened!!!

Thanks all and happy new year [:D]

Oops! i forgot to mention… using Lanham’s E-ship (if that makes a difference)

Location settings as follows:

  • Require Receive = no
  • Require Ship = no
  • Require putaway = yes
  • Require pick = yes
  • Bin mandatory = yes
  • Default bin selection = fixed

So i went to Microsoft and they provided their endorsed solution:

  • Go to Object Designer
  • Go to Bin Contents
  • Click Design
  • Change field properties for QUANTITY and QUANTITY (BASE) to editable
  • Save
  • Go to Bin Contents page/form and update quantities to reflect ILE quantity (i.e. brought from 5 to 0)
  • Change field properties back to non-editable

In the warehouse entries table i see two correcting entries (with no date) for -5, one to correct quantity and the other quantity (base). Hope this helps someone in the future [:D]