Item Journal Report

I want to be able to view/print a report for a specific Item Journal Document No.

For example I posted multiple items to the Item Journal Document No 1000 and I want to come back later and view what was posted on Document No 1000.

Did you check Item Register - Quantity report(703)?

That looks like a great report for looking up information on a sales order. Thank You

I am in need of a report for the Item Journal, where positive and negative adjusts would be made to items.

Thank You again for taking a look Mohana_cse06.

AFTER posting a Journal (any, be it Item, GL etc etc) you can not report on it for that simple reason that Journal lines are vanished.

During posting corresponding Ledger entries are created and Journal Lines are deleted. In your case ILE (Item Ledger Entry) table will be the source for reporting.

For quick lookup, you don’t even need a Report - you can open ILE as follows:

  1. open any Item Card and drilldown in Inventory field - a List form of ILE opens with that Item’s data
  2. open TableFilter and CHANGE it - delete ItemNo value which will be filled in, add DocNo and set it to value needed…

Thank You Modris, that works perfectly. That is all we are looking for. A nice simple solution is a bonus!!