Item group wise number sequence

HI ,

Is there any possible way to create number sequence according to item group , under ->Product information management->Common->Released products the number sequence should be based on item model group for example if i am having three model groups test1, test2, test3 if i will select test1 model group then number sequence should be test1-######## , same for both of the other item groups , i will generate three number sequences but only one can be assigned to all items. how can i achieve item group wise number sequence.



Not standard. You can follow the pattern of fixed Assets(where the asset number can be generated based on asset group).

HI kranthi ,

Thank you for your kind reply , what i am going to do is i will make a number sequence lookup on item category form only so that you can select number sequence for that item group at the time of item group creation only , can you please tell me how that can i make that customization.

Have you referred Asset groups?

Yeah kranthi thank you for that ,I took the reference of fixes asset that was really help full but my main query is how can numbers can automatically can be assigned according to model group because , they are assigning according to my main number series defined in inventory & management ,what exactly i want is whenever i ll choose item group , numbering should go accordingly.