Item Expiration Date

Hi. Currently, item Expiration Date is captured on item journal.But my problem: Is it possible to capture it on the Sales/Purchase lines (e.g Invoices)?Please How? Lucas

On the item card item tracking tab set Item tracking code to LOTALLEXP. If you look at the item tracking card for LOTALLEXP this is set for Manual Date Expiration Required. When receiving against the purchase order use the [Lines] / Item tracking function to enter details against the order. Add expiration date using show column to the item tracking window. On receipt you will need to enter the lot no and the expiration date before you can post the receipt. Same for sales orders. Depending on the settings it will prevent or warn you if you attempt to post and order if the lot no has passed the expiry date.

HI create new fields in sales/purchase line and then assign the fields from item expiry date, when ever item is selected on sales/purchase lines.