Item Description is not Updating in Item ledger entry


Item Description is not Updating in Item ledger entry.

How to update that Description in Item Ledger entry.

I gone through the code , I found this code , but still it is not updating.

Code unit = 22

Function : InitItemLedgEntry(VAR ItemLedgEntry : Record “Item Ledger Entry”)

Code : ItemLedgEntry.Description := Description;

What is the problem.

How to solve this one.

If you go down in the same function you will find this:

IF ItemLedgEntry.Description = Item.Description THEN
ItemLedgEntry.Description := ‘’;

In NAV the description of the entry is updated only if this is different from that one of the item.



Can you tell us what are you trying to do, when is the data in description field not UPDATING?

Are you posting any document (Sales Order, Purchase Order)?

As Marcoferari said, that is one of the reason…


As marcoferrari has stated … the description field on the item ledger entry table is only updated if the description (through the posting) is different to the item description. This makes sense if you think about it since having the description shown all the time (even if it had not changed) would not serve any purpose. You would really only want to know when a user had entered a different description.

In my experience I have found that once users understand why the description field is blank (most of the time) … the original issue disappears.

You could always just hide the description field :slight_smile: