Item CW unit is not showing

while creating new item,we assign unit conversion and while assigning cw in the cw set up window cw unit id is not showing.

Thanks in advance

What is the unit of measure on the released product record?

Item inventory unit is KG and sales unit is Roll.Unit conversion from KG to Roll available but while adding catch weight no Unit ID showing on AX 2009

If it is working on other released products then the issue is with the setup of that item. Is it working on others?

yes earlier the guy who is creating items don’t have any issue.and since he left we are facing this problem

Version of Ax u r using ??? Can u show the screenshot of ur problem???

Is the product you are releasing it from CW enabled?

I am using Ax 2009 SP3.

we just create item and save it and after that making unit conversion and while making CW this problem coming.
how to release the item ? and how to make it CW enabled ?

I do not have access to AX2009 with the FullScope ISV so I cannot compare, but the item structure altered in AX2012, but there needs to be a flag to activate CW still on the item record. I suggest you compare the settings of an item you know works from when the person who knew the process was working to one created now after they have left, you are looking for a configuration flag for CW I would guess.

I found an old manual, is this flag set?

Dear Adam,
I heard that catch wt functionality newly introduced in AX 2012.
I’ve few queries.
1.Is there Catch weight functionality exist in AX 2009?
2. If exist in AX 2009, functionality is same as in AX 2012 or AX 2012 is advanced?

Hi Krishna

This is from memory, so can contain errors.

In AX2009 there was no process industry functionality provided by microsoft. Fullscope are an ISV who provided an add on in this area. Microsoft purchased part of the software and incorporated it into Ax2012.

To answer your questions

  1. Yes through ISV add on
  2. AX2012 functionality is different, although you can still purchase add ons from Fullscope so you cannot say it is more advanced or not

Hi Adam,
It’s quite informative.
Thank you so much…

Dear Mr.Adam,
once we add CW to the item.this check box get automatically checked.

Okay, but not having access to a system I cannot help anymore, it is one tick box for the ISV in AX2009 with the setup, do if the UOM is set as the inventory UOM of another working catchweight item and the other catchweight items are working the previous person had the proper way to setup an item - this could be a customization, but you are simply not filling in the correct fields on the item to allow the definition - you need to start comparing the details of a working item to the one you have that is not.

I am getting this screen while adding CW for CW unit I can add other data very well but no data in drop down list

That would imply the uom is not configured correctly, is it one you have previously setup with a working CW item?

yes UOM is not changed since it last working time.the thing which is change is User working on it.but when I checked on Administrator access it is still not showing same as pic.How to configured unit of measure(UOM) ?

You need a developer to debug why that screen is blank. I dont have access to a system holding it, the manual says there are no pre-requisites and the person with the knowledge has left your business and there is no documentation of your process, so finding out the system logic is the next step in my opinion.