Item Cost

Hello Experts,

I have open in the first janary items that was only with quantity, but naw when i gett make sales credit memo is see that the unit cost is 0, can i update the unit cost for all the list of the items.

Thanks In advance.

Perhaps and probably you can use “Revaluation Journal”, which is located in Warehouse → Inventory.

But as you managed to open your inventory with quantities only, I guess you have to read some documentation about inventory values…!

And talk to your accountant about how they reconcilled the opening balances. [:D]

I have open only the items with qunity this means the opening balances are Ok, but i have migreated all the list of items, and the list of items that in 2009 was with quanity 0 is with unit cost 0, naw i have posted some sales credit memo, and for this documents the unit cost is 0.

I need to adjust the cost for this items, with revalution journal i se that its posibile to adjust, but there are a lot of documents to asign. Exsist any other way.

Thanks for your consile.