Item cost price in AX2012


I’m trying to understand the logic to get the item cost price in AX after doing an importation and including charges related to it.

I did look into Item price form but nothing picked my interest (I sure didn’t understand its role).

let’s say that I have imported 100 unit of an item at $5 and I paid $30 insurance.

I haven’t find anywhere to see the related cost price of that item. Could you please tell me where to find that?

Any documentation links or videos will be very appreciated.

Hichem CHEKEBKEB Functional consultant
Hydra assistance & logiciels

It depends upon your costing method and mechanism for processing the insurance (misc. charges?) however if you look at the inventory transaction it will tell you the financial cost and charges etc.

Check the Inventory Transactions for the Item, you will find the Cost amount for the Item. On the On hand form you can find the Cost amount and the Financial amount.

Also, Cost updated depends on the costing method attached for the Item.

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Well I don’t know if I did explain well but, what I’m looking for is the cost price related to one importation, not the weighted-average purchase price shown on the cost amount.

So, where can I find this kind of cost price?

Are there any documents talking about that?

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Look at the stock transaction line of the specific one import transaction, the cost price will be on that line.

Go the respective transaction and look at the Cost explorer.