Item Card Read only permissions


Using Dynamics NAV 5.0 and SQL 2005. I’m trying to make the Item Card (Object # 27) Read only for some users. I start with a new user with blank roles and permissions. I create a new role and add read only permission to Table Data id # 27 for the Item Card.

I then add additional permissions for the items necessary to display the Item Card for this user. All permissions added are Read only. When I get done and this user brings up the Item Card, it is editable. I don’t understand how this is possible when all permissions I set are read only.

Can anyone shed some light on my issue?


Note: The only role on this user is the one I create. I even removed the ALL role (thinking this was my problem) and added the individual permissions to allow user to access Menusuite, etc.

The card as such will be editable, unless you change the property EDITABLE to No on the form. This can be done either directly changing the form property or via the code. This way you can change the property based upon the users permission setup to the card.

If you have set up the right permissions to the item table, then the users would get an error upon modifying the item records.

The field on the Item Card may be editable, but it should not allow you to actually modify a record

Yes, that’s my problem … users can actually modify the Item Card. For example, they can modify the description field on the Item Card.

I was under the impression that users could not modify these fields if I set the Table Data to read only. That seems to be the way the other forms work. For some reason, I just have a problem with this form.

So based on what Erik said, do I really need to set the control on the Form to Editable = No? Shouldn’t the read only permissions take care of it?


The read only permissions only take care that the user is not allowed to actually update the table.

If you want the setup you’re describing then you need to insert some code like this:


The line should be inserted into the OnOpenForm trigger of the form.


Thanks so much. Your suggestion seems to provide the desired behavior.


You’re welcome, I’m happy to have been able to help you.