Item Card Load Service Invoice Line??

Hai all, whay My Item Card Read Service Invoice Line table while I load it?

from my code, I haven’t add Variable or anything with Service Invoice Line table

I Already check it using code coverage, and I didn’t find Service Invoice Line table…

my problem is … my license doesn’t permit me to access read Service Invoice Line table

could any of you help me to solve this problem?

thanks anyone…

Do yo have any code on openform or aonaftergetrecord triggers?

there’s only code in onaftergetrecord

Form - OnAfterGetRecord()

and EnablePlanningControls

PlanningGetParam.SetUpPlanningControls(“Reordering Policy”,
CurrForm.“Reorder Cycle”.ENABLED := ReorderCycleEnabled;
CurrForm.“Safety Lead Time”.ENABLED := SafetyLeadTimeEnabled;
CurrForm.“Safety Stock Quantity”.ENABLED := SafetyStockQtyEnabled;
CurrForm.“Reorder Point”.ENABLED := ReorderPointEnabled;
CurrForm.“Reorder Quantity”.ENABLED := ReorderQuantityEnabled;
CurrForm.“Maximum Inventory”.ENABLED := MaximumInventoryEnabled;
CurrForm.“Minimum Order Quantity”.ENABLED := MinimumOrderQtyEnabled;
CurrForm.“Maximum Order Quantity”.ENABLED := MaximumOrderQtyEnabled;
CurrForm.“Order Multiple”.ENABLED := OrderMultipleEnabled;
CurrForm.“Include Inventory”.ENABLED := IncludeInventoryEnabled;

This is standard code. Alright. Well you can open Item card even if you have permission only on item card and item table. I really can’t tell what is wrong with your case.?

My guess is that you are using your customer license to work in a Cronus database, and you are trying to look at an Item that has quantities on a service invoice line. The Item card tries to display the “Quantity on Service Order” flowfield (which causes it to try to read from it) and you get the error.

Load the cronus license, remove all the data from that table and you should be able to open it with your license. The other way would be to remove the “Quantity on Service Order” field from the Item Card.

Hi Stan,


this is not standard code in Version 5.

Daniel suggestion is the most likely but if not this could also cause the problem is there is old value entries generated from service invoice / credit.

it ok then

I already make it new using new database Navision 4 SP 3

now it should be okay using my license :slight_smile:

thanx for the advice