Item Card (Form) Coding


We want to add some check points in item card while new Item entered

for exp. it should not allowed Item Category Code blank


We want to add some check points in item card while new Item entered

for exp. it should not allowed Item Category Code blank


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Search the forum for “mandatory field”. This has been discussed many times before.

Best (cleanest and simplest) option I found. Set the item to Blocked. Only release it from the blocked status when the necassary fields have been filled in.

use testfield command.

I am not sure Testfield would work, the Item Record (card) is not set to DelayInsert so if a No. Series is specified and set to auto generate a number for new items then the OnInsert Trigger would be run well before you get a chance to mark the check boxes. This is always a difficult one, I have seen many different ways to achieve this. One could be to “code” (don’t use initvalue) to make all new items Blocked, then code so that you cannot unblock the item tell your criteria are met. I’m sure some others will have suggestions here.


This is possibly the most popular request for Nav - “how can I make field … mandatory”. Tony solution IMHO is the best and the simplest to implement. You can also look at using templates and forcing the user to select a template on creation of an item which you can then populate with the mandatory fields.

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What we do at work is make the caption “Red” and tell the users all red fields must be filled in.

I don’t really want to go into this in detail, but my experience is that flags and pop up messages etc that are allways there actually make data entry worse, since the users just get used to the rde or pbold or pop up and just ignore them after a while.

In the end there is nothign that beats proper training.

I still think Harry’s solutino is the best, where you make the Item record default to blocked, nd don’t allow it to unblock unless the correct data is filled in. I also have that a diferent person unticks the blocked box.

the aim should be to make it as DIFFICULT as possible to fix errors. This reinforces to the user the importance of correct data. When they are getting called and emails 10 times a day about forgetting to enter a particular field they soon learn.

One way that Bold not color) can be used to good effect, is to put all the core required fields onto one tab, and use bold and normal to classify “Must have” and “Should have”.

Additionally keep in mind that every cloent is different, so these are general comments that may not be specific to your implementation.