Item Card: Data Disappearing in Selected Fields


User created a new ITEM with Model, Finish, Size and Cover fields; these fields were added to the Item Card. She went to Sales Order and entered the Item Number. However, all the data in those 4 fields disappeared after she typed them in when she entered the Item Number. We deleted the Item Number line and entered the Item Number again. Again no data; when we checked the Item Card, those 4 fields were empty; they had no data.

I logged into the system and put some data in those 4 fields then went to the original, test Sales Order and entered the Item Number, which populated all fields as intended.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Those are not standard NAV/BC fields. They are either from a modification or add-on.


As Lewis mentioned, these are custom fields so whoever created them should review their code to confirm it has been added to the Table correctly for insertion, modification, and deletion.