"Item Card" cannot be closed

Dear Sir
Please Solve this problem

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

‘Item Card’ cannot be closed, because it is locked by ‘Gen. Product Posting Groups’.

Please finish ‘Gen. Product Posting Groups’ before closing.


Can any one Suggest this problem solutation

Hi Manish,

You posted in the wrong forum. I will move it to the right one.


The message is quite clear - you have an open form which must be closed before you can close the main one.


can you give me the link or website name that where i can post my problem




its not a related to open form its given me lock problem

when i close forms its didnot give me permission to close form

& nav get hangeed

For thats i close my program

Well, if you are unable to tell what’s happening to your program, how do you think anybody else could if you are not providing any information but the message text? [:)]

Dear Manish,

Welcome to the user group. But please notice that the name of this website is USER group, not FREE SUPPORT group. This is a voluntary community website, where members are helping other members. If you want free support, then call your partner, but then again since you write that you are a “Functional Consultant In Nav” then you might be a partner you self!!! Scary!

When you become a member you are also asked to read the instructions on where to post and how to write your posts. I don’t think you did neither! [:(] You posted in the wrong forum and you used a very example on how not to write your subject. I have changed the subject from the demanding “order form” “Please Solve this problem” to the current.

But to your question, as Anna writes, then it’s very clear. You have an open form and as a “Functional Consultant In Nav” then you should know how to close a form. If you don’t then I would ask you to go back to your boss and request a NAV training session, before you start calling you self a “Functional Consultant In Nav”!

I’m sorry if the tone in my answer is a bit harsh, but it’s someone like you who are giving India a bad reputation.


Thanks for giving the solution of my problem and your nice suggestion.

But don’t do the wrong business like tell publiclly that i spoil the Image of

my Country.

This f**king line not only hurt me its also hurt our emotion towards our country.

And 1 more thing i be clear about my self I am as a Trainee in my company

and i face this proble on my site thats why i ask to u people who tell him self

as a Functional/Technical Consultant.

I’m sorry if the tone in my answer is a bit harsh, but it’s someone like you who

understand himself like a brillant people. You also spoil the repuatation of ur Nation and Ur self also


Dear Manish,

Looking forward to see that you prove that I’m wrong. [:)]


I am not here to prove my self or prove you wrong i am here to just solve my problem & if i have knowledge of something that can i share

So back to the point.

From the item card you opened the general product posting group, this window was then hidden behind other windows but still open. Because it was opened from the item card you need to close this window first and then close the item window. Does this make sense?


After promting this massage my system got hanged & i can’t do any thig

the major issue is this


After your suggestion I do that I Got this error massage

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

‘General Posting Setup’ cannot be closed, because it is locked by ‘G/L Account List’.

Please finish ‘G/L Account List’ before closing.


Hi Manish,

can you change the gen. product posting on the item card?

Follow the piece of string [:D]

Now close the account list, if you can do this you can close the general posting setup and then the item card.

If you cannot it will tell you to close another window - keep going until it no longer tells you then work backwards through the windows.

Hi Manish,

You have drilled down on a number of forms and they must be closed in reverse sequence. Go to the window in the toolbar and select the last form open (e.g. G/L account list) and close this form. Then follow the sequence backward.



It tells you exactly what is going on, and it even tells you what to do about it.