Item arrival journal & PO packing slip


I was wondering what the benefit is to use Item Arrival Journal rather than PO packing slip?


It means stores have no access to the purchase order functionality - segregation of duties and responsibilities.

Thanks AdamRoue,

Then what is the difference between Inventory registration and item arrival journal, I mean from physical inventory and finance ledger perspective.

Posting the item arrival journal is doing exactly same as doing Inventory registration…there wont be any finanancial effects for this. As Adam said it is just restricting the users from accessing PO and enabling them to do their activity of registration through some other way.

Hi Santosh,

I am still not clear about the Item Arrival and Item Registration. ?

Could you explain bit more ?

You do not have to use the item arrival, but if you do it registers the stock, you can also register the stock without using the arrival journal. It depends upon you processes and requirements. Look at the business first.

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I could under stand the both are different journals .

a) tell me in which scenerio we would use Item arrival journal and in which scenerio use Item Register ?

b) What is the use of Arrival Overview , and how it differs with item Arrival journal ?

c) If i receive the stock through item arrival or Item register , does system update the stock in Physical Qty field ?

a) depends upon each customer

b) It gives the user an intelligent -pre-filtered useful screen to ease the processing of the arrive.

c) You still have to delivery note the PO in.

Thanks Adam ,

a) Could you share your experience in which scenerio , which journal needs to be used ?

b) So you mean to say Item arrival journal does not have the pre -filters like Item arrival overview .

c)then what is the use of the Item arrival journal ? ( if need to post the Delivery note in the PO ) and tell me who will post the delivery note ?

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a) it was different for each business, working practice and process requirement - you apply the software to what the customer requires.

b) Item arrival you define it all - based upon something coming in, arrival overview shows you everything coming in.

c) to segregate duties so storemen do not have access to a PO. Who depends upon the working practive and process requirement and customer.

Question - why are YOU using the arrival functionality, you do not have to.

Pls share your experience sir.

I did not get your question . Could you be more specific ?

My experience is I generally would not use arrivals. I have where the business working practice and processes demanded it. I also use it for sales returns.

I want to know why you are using arrivals or why you are trying to.

Hi Adam ,

Thanks for the reply.

I havebeen learning the product , Just i want to know your product experience that why you are not suggesting to use Item journal.

If you share in detail the problem exists in that Item arrival process , ongoing it would helpful to many consultants.


To the best of my knowledge, will explain a business requirement for using item arrival journal.

Suppose after the PO confirmation, when the stores receive the delivery from the supplier, stores department will normally record the receipt of the goods…which you can do it either from POline>Inventory> registration or through item arrival journal.

scenario of using the item arrival journal is, when the Management doesn’t want to give the access of PO to the stores people where all the information about POs can be seen and also the prices…in this case, we can allow the stores to do this registration process through arrival journal.

Arrival overview form will just give u the list of expected arrivals…from which u can trigger the arrival journal for actual registration purpose.

@Adam- please correct me if i am wrong…

Hi Santhosh,

Thanks for the detail explanation , from the above posts i could able to understand the item arrival journal process.

a) Just let me what is the difference between Item Registration Vs Item arrival journal

b) If user receive through the Item arrival journal , does the stock will update in system physically ? or do i need to post again packing slip ?

c) I am also expecting the answer from our pioneer Mr. Adam , why is he opposing to use the Item arrival journal?


a) there is no difference in both…will be used based on business needs

b)whether u do item registration or arrival journal…the next step u shud definitely do the packingslip to receive the items physically…which changes the order status to “received”

c) even me too [:D]

Can you be more clear about the which journal would be used as business needs . I request you to pls explain.

Ok, As you said earlier stores should not see the PO , So they can recieve throguh Registraion or Arrival journal .now again how can store create Packing slip from PO ?

Please clear my doubt?

Thanks for your waiting about the MVP reply.

I have no issue with it and have not said I oppose it, I am saying it depends upon the requirements of the customer and the working practices. I have not implemented it because the businesses have NOT had this requirement, they give direct access to teh storeman. However with sales returns you have NO choice, so in essence I implement it 100% of the time.

Item registration registers the item in, but you do not have to use the arrival journal, if you use the arrival journal as a process to arrive stock it will then register it. If you use the arrival journal you still have to delivery note update the document, you have no choice, the registration is a step before receipt in essence.

Can you be more clear about the which journal would be used as business needs . I request you to pls explain.

The arrival is a process step, used where departments are segregated. The arrival registers the stock in. Therefore it uses the registration. You can register without going through the arrival process.

now again how can store create Packing slip from PO ?

Go to the PO an update it for packing slip.

stores may not need to create the Packingslip where the Puchase department will take care of updating PO to packing slip. In this case Purchase department will go to PO and update it to pslip.

Another case,if the stores have to do the packingslip: after posting the arrival journal, going through Functions>packingslip will enable the user to update the packinglslip without going to PO.