Item and FA Reclassification

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Can someone tell me the meaning and purpose of Item Reclassification Journal and FA Reclassification Journal

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FA Reclass. Journal Window

You use the FA Reclass. Journal window to transfer, split up and combine fixed assets. The reclassification entries can be printed in the Fixed Asset - Book Value 02 report.

The information you enter in a journal is temporary and can be changed as long as it is still in the journal. When you post the journal, the information is transferred to entries on individual accounts.

Item Reclass. Journal Window

You use the Item Reclassification Journal window to adjust inventory when you transfer items between different locations or between bins or to correct dimension value codes.

You can use the reclassification journal to change item tracking. You can:

  • Change lot or serial numbers.

  • Create or modify lot or serial number information.

  • Reclassify expiration dates for lot or serial numbers.

To insert lines in the item journal, click the first empty line and fill in the fields.

When the journal is filled in, you can choose to post, post and print a report, or print a test report only.


You cannot use the item reclassification journal to change a location if either the old or new location uses directed put-away and pick. You must instead use the transfer order.