Item A = Item B + Item C


I am working on cronus database of SP3 indian version.

I have item A . when we mix two items B ,C . Item A can make.

So In item card I created item A.

I created item B. I created Item c.

I done positive adjustment for B, C each qty is 10. Unit cost is 100 for each item.

For item A I done following setup.

Item - Assembly list- Bill of materials.

There I add Item B, Item c.

Now what my query is when I sell Item A through sales order automatically that item B, C has to decrease.

What is the process to get this functionality.

I tried to get what I want , when I select item A in a sales order it is showing message “Item Not available.”

Please put some light to solve this issue.

You need to tell Navision you have made Item A from B and C. In your configuration you process a BOM journal, this, at the time of posting the journal, will book in A and remove B and C. You then have stock of A and can sell/ship it. You could use the explode BOM functionality on the line to have B and C consumed at shipment as an alternative.

hi adam,

pardon me for interfering, as i am not very sure of how bom journal works: may i asked:

how difference if i make item journal negative adjustments for item b and c over using bom journal?

The BOM journal, from memory, looks at the BOM and will fill it in one step with the positive item and the negative lines to reflect the consumption of the component parts.

hi adam,

may i verify that it works like item journal except that instead of input multiple lines of individual item we are only required to input main bom item?
eg: Bom-item-A(sub-item-a-1, sub-item-a-2…)

Case1: in order to do adjustments in item journal: we input individual lines

case 2: however in bom journal: we input main Bom-item-A

both case 1 and case 2 will update inventory for item ledger/ costing/ value entry equally?

Yes you are correct, I cannot remember if you run a function once entered or not, read the manual or just try it, I no longer have access to the software and have not looked at it for 4+ years [:D]

hi adam,

thanks a lot! [Y]