Issue with permission

Good Day All

We have a bit of an issue our user has full super/super (DATA) and basic with a custom role that gives bank rec. list execute as this is all available.

but when we try to utilize the cash management > bank reconcile we get error stating we don’t have permission to execute page bank rec .acc.

has anyone any clue one what we are doing wrong?

this is our licence in case this is issue not sure why it would be

Name Amount

350 Starter Pack 1

360 Extended Pack 1

450 Full Concurrent CAL 20

450 Full Concurrent CAL - Upgrade 3

8100 Codeunits (each) 20

8200 Tables (10) 10

8350 Pages (100) 100

8750 XML Ports (100) 100

Hi James,

Is this NAV 2013 or NAV 2013 R2? If it’s the R2, when did you get your license?

Hi Erik

It is just NAV 2013 and we have had this for some time (5 months) but we don’t think it is the licence as we should have full package.

Hi James,

No it sounds like there’s something wrong with your license. You should contact your partner about this, and have them check it up. Or request the “Permission Report Detailed” for your license from them.