Issue on Payment Journal.

Hi all,

I have taken a customer with no transactions have done before. Now I am doing the Payment Journal for the same customer and journal is posted. So When journal got posted, it is coming that- No of lines posted is 1.

But now when I come to All Customers > Select that particular Customer > Transactions

Two lines are coming with the same entries, where i should get only one line for the posting. Please tell me where i have gone wrong.

Thanks in Advance,

Thanks & Regads,

Parashar Banerjee.

Post another transaction now, and see whether you will see 4 transactions this time.

Also, paste the screen shot of your “Customer transactions” form here.

Hi santosh,

Yes i can able to see 4 transactions.

Is it a standard instance?

one more thing have posted the payment journal with 650 or 1300?


The balance is coming accurately. I have to solve the issue of these two lines.

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on which version of AX you are using? and is there any customizations?

Also, it would help us if you put a screen shot of your payment journal which you are posting.

It seems something strange.

Hi Santosh,

The issue has been solved. It was because of some technical problem (patch layer was present in the environment). Thats why the issue was coming.

Thanks & Regards,

Parashar Banerjee.