Issue in configure account structure

Dear All,
Need your assistance on one of the issue i.e. in AX 2012 Configure Account Structure feature.
Let me brief about the issue in detail scenario:
Financial dimensions:- (a) Divisions, (b) Regions, (c) Branches (d) Sales executives
For balance sheet ledger a/c’s – have selected for add segment i.e. Division only
For P&L – Expense a/c’s – have selected for add segment i.e. Division, Region, Branches
For P&L – Income a/c’s-- have selected for add segment i.e. Division, Region, Branches, Sales executives
Issue is below:
While posting general journal expense entry, in main account have selected “Stationary a/c” & selected Division, Region, Branches as dimensions. In debit column entered 10000/- as exp. value And in offset ledger a/c column, selected “Petty cash a/c”. Soon after selecting this ledger, system automatically updating to other dimensions which are selected in main a/c and when validating system throws error as “Ledger combination for “ “a/c is invalid.
Because, for petty cash a/c had selected only Division as dimension, now I have to manually delete additional dimension which are updated by system i.e. Region, Branch. Once removed these dimensions system validates journal as Ok.
My problem is: every time as a user can’t keep removing additional dimensions automatically updated by system during day-to-day operational entries (considering huge volume of entries per day).
Illustrative of scenario below:
Journal name: General Journal



Main account type

Main account




Off a/c type

Offset a/c





Stationary exp. paid








Interest recd.




400101 – P&L- stationary expense a/c ----> Division, Region, Branch dimensions are required

as per account structure.

210250 – BS - Petty cash a/c ----> Division dimension required as per account structure

315210 – P&L income – Interest on deposits a/c ----> Division, Region, Branch, Sales Executive

dimensions are required as per account structure.

In Voucher – GV005 for offset petty cash a/c only Division is required… Here user has to manually

delete other two dimensions.

In Voucher – GV006 for offset Interest on deposit a/c only Division is updated based on main a/c

dimension value. But for this a/c, all dimensions are required. Now user has to select manually but
even then system throws error as "Ledger combination is not valid as per account structure?

Kindly suggest with appropriate configuration ways (if my configuration is wrong). Also provide better solution.
Awaiting for quick reply.

Seems like default dimension is getting updated. Have you checked with the default dimension on the journal name or on the user/worker?


Hi Pranav,

Have checked with journal names & user level, no default dimensions are being set.

Still, as you said, these dimensions are defaulting on offset account side.

Is there any possibility using Advanced Rule Structure feature.?



Hi Srinivas,

I think this shouldn’t be issue of advanced rule structure as there we set ledger and dimension combination in restrictive mode. for example when Division A is selected then only Region 1 and Region 2 can be selected. But that can’e ruled out.

Anyway, did you checked the advanced rule structure? Make sure that you check on COA configuration also.



How many account structures (AS) have you defined.

This works fine if AS is defined correctly.


Hi Pravav,

Can you help me to configure advanced rule structure considering the same financial dimensions given in the above scenario.

However, i will give the scenario once again:
There are 4 dimension in total. i.e. (a) Division (b) Region (c) Branch (d) Sales executive

For (a) Division dimension – dimension values are :-- (i) Hardware (ii) Mechanical (iii) Retail

For (b) Region dimension – dimension values are :- (i) Central (ii) Eastern (iii) Western

For (c) Branch dimension — dimension values are :- (i) Branch A, (ii) Branch B, (iii) Branch C, (iv) Branch D

For (d) Sales executive dimension – dimension values are :- (i) Executive A, (ii) Executive B… etc

Requirement is:

In journal entries:-- when Division dimension - Hardware or Mechanical is selected then for Region dimension all values should come. But Branch dimension values should not allow to select. And Sales executive values should be selected.

Where as, when Division dimension – Retail is selected then Region dimension all values should come and Branch dimension all values should come. But sales executive dimension values should not allow to select or should not display in drop down.

Please help with configuration steps.



Hi ST,

Have created only one account structure.