issue connecting to SSRS reports for one AOS instance?

Hi, I have two instance of AX 2012 running - dev and testing in a separate VMs both connect to SQL server (VM) where I have installed the SSRS and deployed reports. Currently development AX is showing the reports correctly. So i tried to configure another report configuration for the 2nd (TEST) AOS server, but it’s not working. This is the config for the development server. i tried to create another one for test server but within Ax, the reports are not showing. i am getting error.


In the test AX server, System Admin → Reporting Services → I am able to set up the report server where I could open the report server. What could be wrong. or what is the way to connect 2nd AOS server to the report server?

Many thanks for your thoughts/feedback


I hope I get it right - you have two AOSes and two SSRS instances? AOSes are installed on separate machines, however the SSRS engine is running on one machine? Then in that case you should follow this instruction to configure the second SSRS instance to connect to the second AOS:


Hi Janis, thanks for pointing a mistake I am making here. I didn’t install 2nd SQL Server Reporting Services instance. Otherwise, when I open the SSRS config manager,

I see one report server. Looks like I need to install 2nd Instance of that. Is that correct? which means, I would have to run the SQL install and choose the SSRS instance for new deployment!

Then After 2nd SSRS in configured with a report server name etc., then I will follow your instructions to configure the client. I hope this is what I understood.

Yes, several AOSes serving the same environment could work with one single SSRS instance, BUT if you have two different environments (different application, different data) then you do need separate SSRS instances for each environment (i.e., DEV SSRS, TEST SSRS, PROD SSRS etc.).

And yes, you will have to follow the configuration steps for the second SSRS instance if this instance is installed on the same machine on which the first AX SSRS instance has been installed (the AX reporting extensions installer can configure only one instance on the same machine).