Is there away to track when posted sales shipment notifications were sent from NAV

I was wandering if there is away to track posted sales shipment notifications? Nav 2016

“To track” means to stay “somewhere” to find way to Sales Shipment or …? Or do you want to receive notification that NAV created new Sales Shipment document?

What sort of notification do you want to tract? E-mail ?

In Default, If you click “Post and E-mail” in the sale order page, After posting the SO, A pop up window with a posted sales shipment document is attached, by clicking ok that mail is opened in outlook and send separately.

With some customization, We can send e-mail to all the customer at once.

Do you want to restrict the other users not to send any mail to customer ? or Do you want to track the un-sent mail from NAV ?

A quick customisation will help you on this, if you want any sort of emails and all.