Is there away to only allow one instance of Nav 2016 to launch?

I’m having some issues when Customer Service is attaching external documents and it launching NAV multiple times. Wander if there was a way to prevent users from opening multiple sessions of NAV.

How customer service is attaching external documents ?
Is it using link functionality of NAV or have you develop something to attach it in Navision ?

In addition to that Is they are using the NAV through any other application like Citrix/VPN or they are dircly using NAV windows Client?

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There is no way to do this out of the box. NAV allows you to open as many sessions per users as you like.

But why don’t you like users to open more sessions?

I typically tell my users how they can open another session (depending on Windows version, then it doesn’t do it right away), just so that they can run “batch jobs” etc., while entering orders in a different session.

If the reason is to save user accounts, then I can recommend this utility from Expandit:

It allows you set a “time-out” for when a session automatically shuts down, when not in use.

Hello, BKR2016A.

I have found this solution.

For Restricting multiple Login we can use Codeunit 40 - LogInManagement.

So let’s see how we can achieve this -

  1. Design Codeunit 40, Navigate to Function CompanyOpen().

  2. Append Below Lines as below -




ActiveSession.SETRANGE(“User ID”,USERID);
ActiveSession.SETRANGE(“Client Type”,ActiveSession.“Client Type”::“Windows Client”);
IF ActiveSession.COUNT > 1 THEN
ERROR(‘You are Already Logined’);


Where -
ActiveSession is of type Record Active Session

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