Is there anyway I can increase the size of Excel Buffer table # 370

When I output one of my reports to Excel if I pick too big of a date range it will bomb off.

If I run it with smaller filter it works fine.

This is the error message I’m getting. When I go to look at the table #370 to see there’s nothing in it.

Thanks in advance,



This is a bug in your code, it has nothing to do with the size of the table.

Strange it works when I pick a smaller date range.

I’ll check it over again.



Did you look at the error message that you posted here? It tells you what the error is.

Just to elaborate a little bit… The Excel Buffer table is used mostly to build data in a temporary record variable, and then use one of its functions to create an Excel sheet from that data. Because it is mostly used as a temporary record variable, you won’t see any data when you run the table from the object designer. The primary key of the table is “Row No.,Column No.”, so there can only be 1 record per combination of “Row No.” and “Column No.”. The error you are getting tells you that the process that you are running is trying to insert a record with certain primary key values, and that this record already exists. You’re going to have to debug the process to see where it breaks and what it is trying to do at that point.

It might be that your date range filter has something to do with how the process calculates the row and column numbers, but in itself the date has nothing to do with the error message.

I think you need know excel buffer (table 370) how to run.

The first, create a record variable.set to table 370. And set this to virtual table.

Run this report, set all excel data to this virtual table. All done. use createexcel, and open excel windows, show the excel data.