Is there any possibility to build a Report in NAVISION 2009 without Visual Studio

We are new to this Technology we are trying to build a report.

You can build in classic without Visual studio but not in RTC.

Can you help us by step by step

What is your requirement and how may I help you?

Hi Mohana can you please help us how to build a simple report by step by step by using two tables…

I need to develop a sales Invoice report by using two tables.I tried in NAV 2013 by using Visual Studio and I import that file to my demodatabase i am unable to view that report. Can u help us ? Mohana…

Are you a customer or Partner? You can check existing reports how they have developed. Please ask your manager to provide some training on basics…

Hi Mohana

actually i am new to this erp. can u provide any training material. so that it is helpful for me.

actually we got project on this navision. so, please provide me some training materials.