Is there a std way to inherit/copy inventory dimensions of the formula when creating a production (batch) order?

in Production Control > Common > Production Orders > All Production Orders

When creating a Batch Order and selecting an item, the inventory dimensions which are in the corresponding Formula, aren’t copied in the production order. Is there a way to somehow inherit (copy) these dimensions automatically from the formula to the production order in standard AX? I’m trying to find out whether development is needed for this request.

So at first I’m creating a production (batch) order and choose an item, dimensions are filled (they’re copied from the default order settings)


You can see that in the formula, different warehouse is specified:


Also, after creating the production order, we can see the warehouse values which are different from the formula warehouse values:


I apologize for the wrong formatting. Here are the images:

First image:

Second image:

Third image:

The header information is where you are making it, the line information is where product is consumed so fundamentally different. I would guess that your formula line has “resource consumption” but that should mean the warehouse is blank on the line. If the production formula warehouse is different to the Formula line and “resource consumption” is not selected then it would imply the user changed it or there is a customization at work. For me the ProdFormula simply writes from the base formula.