is there a demo set of data in AX 2009


I downloaded AX 2009 from and installed into my computer. With help from a pro in our group, I rushed through the “initialization checklist” and now I am look at a blank screen after closed out the checklist!!

Stupid question: Is there a demo set in AX 2009 like NAV 2009 so I can see what AX 2009 can do what NAV could not?

OH, I am a NAV 3.60 user and I need to know if I should move to AX 2009 or stay with NAV 2009. We had a AX VAR came and did a demo but our CEO fall asleep during the demo and I kind need more information. (to save my bossess’ As.!)



Certainly there are several demo data files for AX.

Problem is it is not officially for people who is not AX customer. You may want to contact the VAR for help.;

I understand but not realize that.

Any one has MS technet can download NAV 2009 and AX 2009 and install it. NAV 2009 has CORNUS company demo and I can actually play with the package and might in fact like it! Since I can download AX 2009 and install it, why make it difficult?

Well, there is nothing I can do then.

OK, I guess this question was too cold to ask!

Can any AX user give a NAV 3.60 user a hand on checking into their lovly AX? OOPS! not trying to start a fight, not yet!


Please let us know what assistance do you require.

BTW where did you download Ax 2009 from? To my knowledge Technet is defunct.


I download from technet ‘download & productkey’ and the problem I have with AX 2009 is I could not install role center until I finshed init. checklist. But I can not finsh checklist until I imported the data. I need a demo data set, as NAV 2009 CORNUS company, to import.

Technet is good and I download NAV 2009 and AX 2009 without problem. Actually, Server 2008 & SQL 2008 too.