Is the following possible......

Hi, I’ve been asked to develop a tabular form with 3 tabs:- tab 1 is to display a list of sales orders that are ‘Open’ tab 2 is to display a list of sales orders that are ‘Released’ tab 3 to display a matrix box of shipments & dates they were shipped I have had a look at the table box, but there doesn’t seem to be anyway of setting a tableview ie/show only ‘Open’ orders What would be the best way forward with this? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Mike

You have a form with tabs and on each tab you have to define a subform. You can use the properties SubFormID, SubFormView and SubFormLink to achieve what you want. SubFormID can be one form. And that form contains a tablebox.

You can’t use any link, because one value of that field by definition eliminates any other value. I can see the subforms on the tabs work, but I would not enter any SourceTable on the ‘main’ form. By the way, the words ‘a tabular form’ in Navisionese means ‘a list form’, not ‘a form with tabs’.

The matrix form is a little more complex for Tab 3, since you don,t have a base dimension for the X axis. You can use the form listed under Displaying more than one Information Field in a matrix form. found here

Thanks for your help guys! Your suggestions should do the trick. -Mike