is Substitute Approver directly or indirectly?

Dear All,

I have one issue for my task … Pleas Help me guys… /Sorry my language/

I wonna know:

when i setup Substitute Approver in Approval , is it send directly to Substitute Approver or Admin Approver?

I need to develop in Approval function, I already add 2 fields in Approval User Setup form …

  • review email

  • send to review

then i need to if i will check in “send to review” in approval user setup then when i use send approval request in purchase order or some approvals , should be before send review email. if got review approvals by some users, then send to admin email. finally, admin user can be click approve …

So i need to know Substitute Approver if its before send Substitute Approver then mail send to Admin user i can use this function.

Regards Avernus