Is Somebody Still Supporting NaviFlow

Hi, I would Like to know if any NSC is still supporting a Work Flow Add-on called NaviFlow. I am not able to locate it on the web. It was made by a US NSC called soft answers. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

Prashanth, Soft Answers sold the business to GBA Systems. Naviflow is still being supported and as of this writing, being re-written for Attain. I recently installed the older Financials version for a client. Contact Newell Price at for more details. Gary Wolf NSC - Aston Group - Philadelphia

Hi Kameene, We have implemented Naviflow for a manufacturing company in Tucson AZ. Let me know if you need any help. Regards Kartikeya Pasumarti Datahelp Inc 520 290 8870

yeah, there is the navi flow license in the navision license file, but how do i use this? all this while i was under the impression that navi flow is used internally by navision, can we use it? and does anyone mind explaining how it is used?