Is it possible to have direct delivery - returns

Hi All,

I have a query related to Direct delivery.

Example: I have created a SO - PO with Direct delivery of quantity 10 and did invoiced (SO & PO) but customer rejected the quantity. Now I wanted to create a return order with for the SO which is having direct delivery PO linked. is it possible. When I have selected a SO it is not selecting its related PO.

Now my question is, do we have a standard process of have a direct delivery - return process. If Yes, please can someone help me how to do it or do we have any special setups to do this.

Thanks in advance.


Dear PBS,

if this is the case then make first return of purchase order then make credit not for the sales order,

as i have not tried but this will work.

even you can have credit note for both purchase and sales in this situation.

It does not create the supply chain link on the return order like that. They are returning it to you, not the vendor in the process, then you assess and you raise a purchase return to send it depending upon the level of rejections, reason and agreements in place.


Thanks Adam and Husain for your suggestions.

So you want me to create two return orders, right. One at PO and one at SO.

First I need to create return order at PO and after that need to create return order/ credit note at SO but as Adam said link will not be possible. Is there any way to have a link between them.

If customer sending goods back to us instead of sending them to our vendor then what steps need to follow. will it be possible to raise a return order having a link of PO. I tried to do so but failed [:(]

Pls help me.


Dear PBS,

this is a simple concept which we have to follow.

direct delivery function is a advantage which we get from ax and other ERP software.

now assume you got order and you create sales order and made direct delivery.

in this case PO is raised against that vendor, and sales order is created for that customer.

now when you send PO to vendor then you will make sales order as invoiced because customer has paid you the amount or he will pay on delivery so either way you will book invoice.

now once item is delivered and customer is refusing to take the items then simple item is return to you or to supplier.

now when item is return to you, then you will make credit note or return order its totally your choice both work same.

and if items goes to vendor then again you will make first return sales order or credit note then you will make return to supplier, now this return sales and credit is must because if you have not allowed negative inventory then it will not allow you to make return PO if you don’t have stock so it is necessary.

hope this will clear your doubt.

further more you can contact us on skype.

Hi Husain,

Thanks for explaining in detail.

For example: Created Direct delivery SO-PO for item A for price of 500 and quantity 10. we fully invoiced both SO and PO. But customer rejected it so we committed that we will refund 50 per quantity and our vendor agreed to refund us 20 per quantity.

I have selected SO of direct delivery and creating a credit note and in Cr.note form selected quantity and when I click OK button but it is giving me following error message:

“You are attempting to enter values that will change the source document amounts for this Purchase order. Because invoicing of this PO has started, you are not allowed to make changes to these values.”

I thought of setting discount amount (50*10=500) of credit note of SO but it is not allowing me as above error message is not allowing me to do pick that direct delivery SO info.


Dont create a credit note - create a return order, this returns it from the customer to you. Then load a purchase order of type return order to the vendor. The credit note comes from the processing of the return order from a sales perspective, your credit note will be issued by the supplier.


Thanks for your reply.

So it means we cannot relate both return orders of SO and PO. there won’t be any relation between them :-(.

I tried to create a return order as suggested by you. In return order form, clicked on “Find sale order” button and selecting the SO (SO which I have created as direct delivery order) and Clicked OK. it brought line into return order form but where can I specify discount. how can I do it. I wanted to give price 50 per quantity of 10 as to give refund value. is there any way to give this value.


You can relate the two through any inventory dimension (like batch or serial number if tracked), or you can mark against it, or see the transaction through a warehouse for this.

Any alteration to the pricing must be processed through miscellaneous charges where return orders are concerned.

Dear PBS,

i said you to make invoice for PO as well as SO then start process of credit not for SO this will solve your issue.

for more you can contact me on skype and show me your screen where i can trace the issue and can give some suggestion.